WordPress version 2.1 released

The University of Illinois WordPress Theme Team and the Website Implementation Guidelines Group are pleased to announce the release of version 2.1 of the Illinois Theme for WordPress.

Version 2.1 introduces three new WordPress Blocks (and a few blocks related to them):

  • The Hero Block
    • The “hero” refers to a large image with a small amount of text overlay, intended to quickly grab the user’s attention and encourage a specific action. Learn more and see examples.
  • The Clickable Card Block (and Clickable Card Deck)
    • Clickable cards group an image, link, and text into an attractive, accessible card. The image appears on top, with text underneath, and the entire block is a clickable link. Learn more and see examples.
  • The Accordion Block (and Accordion Deck)
    • The accordion is a vertically stacked list of headers that can be clicked to reveal or hide content elements associated with them. Learn more and see examples.

The 2.1 release also includes a host of minor bug fixes. More specifically, many of these fixes are related to harmonizing formatting options made available in the WordPress editor with the new University of Illinois Web Components 2.0 toolkit.css that was added in the 2.0 release. The 2.1 release also increases the parity between the page/post display while editing content in the WordPress Block Editor and the final rendered view of the page.

Upgrading Your Theme:

If you have a publish.illinois.edu (PIE) site already using the Illinois theme, this version has automatically been applied. Instructions for applying the new theme can be found on WordPress.webtheme.illinois.edu. Users on cPanel or hosting their own site can update as soon as they like at https://go.illinois.edu/uofiwptheme.

To learn more about WIGG, its mission and other projects, visit https://webtheme.illinois.edu. We would love for you to join the WIGG team. We are looking for developers, of all skill levels, and technical writers. Join the WordPress group today!

To receive future notices about toolkit releases and WIGG announcements, please subscribe to illinoiswebtheme@lists.illinois.edu by sending an email to lists@lists.illinois.edu with the subject line, “subscribe illinoiswebtheme” or provide your email address at https://lists.illinois.edu/lists/subscribe/illinoiswebtheme.