Drupal Release Candidate 2

The Web Implementation Guidelines Group (WIGG) is happy to announce the availability of release candidate 2 for the campus Drupal framework. This release includes many, many formatting fixes based on campus designs and adoption of the WIGG toolkit formatting classes. It also includes layout and alignment fixes as well as a more complete News solution. You can find a complete list here.  

The WIGG Drupal framework is a Drupal release that includes an Illinois branded theme, common Drupal modules, and many tools to make building a fully functional website possible. The framework is targeted for the campus cPanel hosting service though it can be used anywhere. You can install a new instance to a cPanel account with a single command and can easily add Shibboleth authentication and other features as well. You can find more information about it on the project website.

The release candidate 2 follows the first release candidate from November and will be easily upgraded to the full release scheduled to be released January 12th.