The WIGG-Drupal group is intended to bring together those interested in deploying and developing Drupal websites at Illinois in order to create common practices, codebases, and support documentation.


  • Create a standard Drupal installation that can be used across campus
  • Create a community of practice around Drupal on campus to coordinate the development of new functionality
  • Raise awareness of Drupal and its uses


  • A regularly updated Drupal distribution that is available to all units.
  • Documentation for deploying this Drupal distribution to campus hosting options
  • End-user documentation for using the editing tools in the Drupal distribution
  • A community of Drupal developers and support people to further the usefulness of Drupal on campus

Out-of-scope items

  • Supporting individual units’ development and special-function needs within Drupal
  • Supporting individual Drupal sites and site administrators
  • Migrating sites to the new framework
  • Managing a campus “push button” Drupal service
  • Creating a new hosting option for Drupal sites

Join Us

Learn more about the WIGG-Drupal group by exploring the links below.


Campus Drupal Website Framework
IT Proforum, Fall 2021 The Web Implementation Guidelines Group has been working on several efforts to make building websites on campus easier for everyone. Drupal is a popular CMS on campus and now it’s easier to use than ever. Come learn how to use this easy to deploy, campus-branded Drupal solution and what features it brings. Also, learn how you can become a part of this cross-college collaboration and what we are doing to create and maintain this tool. slides

Illinois Drupal Framework: Coming Together to Create Powerful Websites
IT Proforum, Fall 2020 The colleges of ACES and LAS have been using Drupal to power our websites for many years. We’ve pooled our experience to create a system that can be deployed to any hosting solution (including campus cPanel), supports the new campus brand standards out of the box, and is built with customization and expansion in mind. Find out what it can do, how you can begin taking advantage of it, and how to become a part of the community that will expand its functionality into the future. video / slides