Application Development

The Application Development UX Standards workgroup expands on the work of the WIGG group to include additional design standards and best practices for transactional business web applications developed internally to the University of Illinois.

The objectives are intended to create consistency across products, encourage reuse of code, and improve development efficiency.

Areas of focus include user experience, design, authentication, navigation, and accessibility.


  • Create a web presence to serve as a resource for application developers
  • Create a repository for code and design files to support sharing of work and best practices

Workgroup Members

  • Kathryn Courtney, Student Affairs Technology (co-chair)​
  • Amber Munds, NCSA (co-chair)​
  • Nate Britton, Student Affairs Technology
  • Ed Delaporte, Technology Services
  • Dick Detzner, Student Affairs Technology​
  • Rebecca Eveland, NCSA​
  • Matthew Fancher, Facilities and Services​
  • Courtney Fleeger, Education
  • Jill Fleming, OVCR​I
  • Lisa Gatzke, NCSA
  • Sydney Flowers, Strategic Communications and Marketing
  • Bryan Jonker, Education
  • Jordan Lowe, Grainger College of Engineering​
  • Kevin Merrifield, Gies College of Business
  • Aaron O’Banion, Gies College of Business
  • Michelle Pitcel, Technology Services

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