IT ProForum Fall 2021 Presentation

Web Implementation Guidelines Group

The Web Implementation Guidelines Group (WIGG) is a collaborative partnership across campus-wide web development, information technology, accessibility, and design teams.

Steering Team/Today’s Presenters

Nate Baxley
College of LAS

Laura Hayden
Grainger Engineering

Melissa Waller
College of ACES

Matt Sharkey
Strategic Marketing & Branding

Cordelia Geiken
Technology Services

What are we doing?

  • Leveraging and encouraging a community of web builders
  • Expanding campus brand standards for web
  • Creating a design system and library for website elements
  • Creating building blocks (Web Components) to be used on any website
  • Integrating blocks into several CMSes (WordPress and Drupal)
  • Creating themes and installation packages for campus hosting tools – making it FREE and EASY

What’s new in the last 6 months?

Building and inserting more components to level the playing field across CMS platforms.

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Hero
  • Clickable Cards
  • Accordion
  • Image Feature
  • Video Feature
Start with the Hero

Just as important…..


Each of the pages that we just looked at has a documentation link.

Live Examples

Drupal on cPanel using Illinois Web Theme

WordPress on Publish/PIE using Illinois Web Theme

WordPress on cPanel using some components

Additional options using some components

What is in development?

  • Call to Action
  • Stats
  • Section Page Hero
  • Page Intro
  • Feature Box
  • Cards

What is in the backlog?

Last I checked…….another 20-30 items give or take

How do I keep up?

The two things we ask of you:

  1. Use the theme
  2. Submit your feedback