Drupal 2.1 released

The WIGG Drupal team has released the next version of their Drupal framework. This release sees several new features as well as a number of bug fixes. A complete list of features and functionality can be found on the Drupal WebTheme site and installation and upgrade instructions can be found on the GitHub documentation. The […]

Drupal 2.0 released

The WIGG Drupal team has been hard at work knocking out bugs and is ready to release the first fully vetted version of the Illinois Drupal framework.  If you’ve been using our earlier releases, you can follow these update instructions to get the latest changes.  Please note the extra steps needed when moving to version 2.  With […]

Toolkit version 2.4 released

Version 2.4 is up and running, and major version 2 has been upgraded to 2.4.1. Several new enhancements include: Statistics widget Call to action widget Layout components and tweaking layout Color changes Adding toolkit styles, depreciating “color” and “align” with hero component Misc. bug fixes Version 2.4 links: Examples: https://cdn.brand.illinois.edu/toolkit/2.4/examples/index.html or https://cdn.toolkit.illinois.edu/2.4/examples/index.html Codepen: https://codepen.io/collection/xKOVye

Drupal Release Candidate 2

The Web Implementation Guidelines Group (WIGG) is happy to announce the availability of release candidate 2 for the campus Drupal framework. This release includes many, many formatting fixes based on campus designs and adoption of the WIGG toolkit formatting classes. It also includes layout and alignment fixes as well as a more complete News solution. You can find a complete list here.   The WIGG Drupal framework is a Drupal release that includes […]

WordPress version 2.0 released

The Web Implementation Guidelines Group is happy to announce version 2.0 of our Illinois theme for WordPress. This has automatically been applied to sites running on Publish.illinois.edu (PIE) and users on cPanel or hosting on their own can update as soon as they like. Version 2.0 of the Illinois Web Theme for WordPress brings a host of […]

Toolkit version 2.3 released

The Web Implementation Guidelines Group is happy to announce version 2.3 of our web toolkit, a set of reusable building blocks for creating campus websites.  Among the new features in this release: Pagination controls Clickable information cards Embedded videos You can learn more about this release and the toolkit at https://github.com/web-illinois/toolkit.